Holiday Travellers

Wherever you are travelling in the world and whatever you plan to do, there is no better way to protect your health than setting off with the latest travel health advice, appropriate vaccines and any medication you may need.

When you travel overseas you can find yourself exposed to illnesses which pose little or no risk here in the UK, but can have serious consequences when local health care and sanitation are not what you are used to. Therefore, it makes sense to understand the risks, and build your immunity and healthy travel awareness for the places you are visiting.

Our priority is your health while travelling

Adventure travel
Beach holiday
Extreme sports
Gap year
Safari and wildlife
School trip
Volunteer work

The question is, what do you need?

We take you through a thorough risk assessment which gives us the information we need to advise you on any vaccines, boosters and medication according to current health risks in the countries you are visiting. This includes any potential side effects with existing medication and health conditions.

Personal health safety does not stop there of course, so we make you aware of any practical and preventative steps you can take to help minimise your exposure to infection during your travels.

When should you make your appointment?

Ideally, get in touch at least 6 to 8 weeks before your departure to leave yourself plenty of time for courses of vaccines. For last minute travel arrangements, we will always try to fit you in. We give travel health advice and, depending on your destination, recommend other preventive measures such as antimalarial medication.

Book an appointment at a time and date that suits you. A simple way to ensure you’re protected.


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