Mountain Medicine

Travelling to high altitude? Travelling to areas of high altitude poses many potential health hazards, some of which are extremely challenging and complicated. So it is absolutely essential that you plan well before travel � it could save your life. Here at Gecko, we have two travel health practitioners who specialise in mountain medicine:

Anne Maclean has travelled to Nepal, Tanzania, the Alps and Colorado, and regularly attends conferences on travel to high altitude.

Dr Sarah Maclean has the Diploma in Mountain Medicine and is a keen skier, trekker and mountaineer. She has visited the Atlas Mountains, Colorado Rocky Mountains, Patagonian Andes, Mulanje Massif and French and Swiss Alps.

To make sure you are prepared for travel at high altitude, call us today to arrange a consultation to discuss:

Altitude illness
What to take with you
Potential treatments
Useful tips

Following your consultation, we may prescribe Acetazolomide (Diamox) which we keep in stock and can help prevent or treat altitude sickness.

For plenty of practical information on travelling to high altitude, take a look at these websites:

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